Easy to make in just 3 Steps:

Pour Water or Milk

Pour hot water or milk into a cup (7-8 oz / 200-250 ml).

Add Kubbees

Add 1 Kubbees for soft taste and 2 for a strong taste.


·Stir for around 40-45 seconds until the Kubbees dissolve.

How We Do It?

Organic and natural ingredients

Our organic cocoa, essential teas and gourmet coffee are selected from certified suppliers. We comply with all BPM regulations. HACCP, FSMA.

Fair trade policies

We work under fair trade policies, hand-in-hand with local communities. Our coffee is grown in small lots, mainly by indigenous and farmers communities.

Made in Colombia

About 93.000 families cultivate 95.600 hectares of Arabic coffee of the varieties Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Típica, Borbón and Tabí with a score of 80 plus points.

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Who We Are

CMC is a family business based in the United States. We bring the most valuable specialty gourmet coffees, teas and cocoa from Colombia. Our misión is to provide the best quality products to markets around the world, including Premium coffee, and instant cubes derived from sugar cane, coffee, tea and cocoa.

Colombia has the perfect geographical conditions to grow the best quality coffee in a medium altitude of 1800 masl, varied topography with volcanoes and paramos, which allows the soil to be extremely rich in nutrients and minerals. CMC seeks to offer to the world unique coffee from Cauca, the south west region of Colombia, over the Andes mountain ranges, in the heart of the Colombian flowerbed.

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