Choose Your Best Colombian Cocoa, Tea and Coffee Cubes

CMC seeks to offer to the world unique coffee from Cauca, the south west region of Colombia, over the Andes mountain ranges, in the heart of the Colombian flowerbed.

Instant Cocoa Cubes

Our cocoa is brought directly from the pacific region of Colombia which grows the best varietals in the world, internationally known for its high quality and balanced flavor. Our cocoa is sustainably and ethically sourced, conserving the natural resources and working together with the local farmers and their families.

Instant Coffee Cubes

Our coffee cubes are made from the best, world renowned Colombian coffee. Harvested in our local farms and added to our cubes preserving the aroma and qualities of our best arabica coffee beans.

Instant Tea Cubes

Our tea cubes are made from 100% natural black tea extract. The cubes are sweetened with organic “panela" which is made directly from sugar cane extract. It is 100% organic, natural, unrefined, and the purest way to sweeten your favorite drink.

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