Kubbees Are Great For Camping and Hiking

Central Mountain Coffee is best possible option for hikers and climbers to increase mental alertness and reduce tiredness.

Coffee in the morning is a necessary tradition for most of the people that helps them to feel fresh and to get their day started. The reasons for this craziness is the nuanced flavors and rich aroma of the coffee. Coffee is also known as popular ‘performance, enhancing drink. Coffee is best possible option for hikers and climbers to increase mental alertness and reduce tiredness. Central Mountain Coffee is striving to serve rich flavor of gourmet, Columbian coffee to the United States via convenient dissolvable instant coffee known as Kubbees.

Benefits of Kubbees for hikers and climbers:

Central Mountain Coffee provide the best quality Kubbees that will help you in your fascinating journey in many ways.

Increase mental alertness

Our kabbees contain is psychoactive ingredients, which means it helps to activate your brain and central nervous system. It block the receptor for adenosine hormone responsible for making you feel sleepy and drowsy. In this way it helps you to feel more awake, motivated, and energetic throughout the remainder of the day.

Boast Stamina & hiking Time

Our coffee can greatly boost your stamina or the amount of time you can endure throughout an exercise. It is because of the fact that coffee help your body to avoid using its reserves of glycogen, the kind of glucose that is stored and used by your muscles, and instead rely on using its fat stores. In terms of hiking, this can mean spending longer time on the path and getting a greater workout overall.

Health Benefits

It is quite interesting to know that the our Kubbees contain roasted coffee bean that is a rich source of polyphenols, which are effective antioxidants that work to prevent the natural harm like stress, poor diet, and the environment do to your body’s cells. Our Kubbees made from Panela, a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to human body.

Therefore, drinking coffee in moderation level has occasionally been connected to several potential health benefits, such as protection against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s.

Why instant Kubbees are great for camping and hiking:

Kubbees are similar to tea bags; they include instant coffee, cocoa and tea made with freshly ground and brewed coffee to give you the flavor of 100% organic drink with preserved aroma and enrich taste without effort. Here are great benefits of having Kubbees while camping and hiking:

A hot cup of coffee in the great outdoors may be a wonderful experience whether you’re out for a trip, an overnight camping adventure, or a multi-day hiking journey. Some people find it an essential component of their camping trip. How do we prepare this mystical drink while walking through the forest?

It might be quite beneficial for you if you are preparing for a long hike or are taking on a challenging trail.

  • Prolong time to exhaustion, it means that you can hike for longer before you get tired)
  • Increased power output, making it easier to ascend steep inclines or flights of steps
  • Lower the perceived effort rate you feel more comfortable and everything seems easier
  • Make your mode fresh, you don’t feel sniffed at when you wake up cold, sore and tired after a few days while hiking
  • It reduced possibility of slipping on uneven ground, stumbling over a root, or stepping in an inappropriate place.

Easy to make and no need of tools & grinders:

Nothing beats the pleasure of having a hot cup of coffee while hiking. But to enjoy a cup of coffee and tea while camping, you need a bag full of tools and grinders for making your favorite drink.

Our Kabbees are easy make without effort and need of tools. Now you don’t need to pack any other brewing equipment, such as a coffee maker, or percolator. All you need is a heating vessel, such as a single-wall titanium mug or an aluminum kettle and our instant coffee or tea Kubbees. You just need to add one or two Kubbees according to your taste into hot water mug and stir it to dissolve, thus your extra refreshing amazing drink is ready.

Small weight and portable:

Center Mountain Coffee Kubbees are important due to small weight and their portability. One of the main reason for attractions of Kubbees for backpacking or camping trip is the convenience.

Kabbes are very lightweight and have very unique and small packaging. Easy to carry over and for placing in bags. Climbers can place this mini Kubbees in his/her hand bags. It allows campers to buy in bulk quantity to save money and prepare coffee to their own strength.

Instant Kubbees has longer shelf life:

During the manufacturing of our 100% organic Kubbees all the natural ingredient used and preserved to serve a long shelf life than freshly ground coffee. After using these coffee or cocoa Kubbees you can pack remaining back in their packaging that will save it from moisture. Instant coffee Kubbees have could stay tasty and fresh for up to ten years.

Flavors according to your mood:

Central mountain coffee kabbees have variety in flavors for coffee, cocoa and tea. You can enjoy any of them instantly just by dissolving a cube in water or milk. For example for coffee you have Amaretto, Cappuccino, Hazelnut, Irish Cream and Mocha coffee Kubbees and Chai, Lemon, Orange, Passion, Peach tea Kubbees.


Center Mountain Coffee has a mission to provide organic and enrich taste instant coffee or tea products for its lover and facilitate them to take their magical drinks as their go to drink. Our Kubbees benefit them as they have variety in taste and their ease of storage and packing.


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